Poc Na was by far the best hostel to stay in! Kind, friendly people from all over the world work there. Opportunities to meet all types of people! Free breakfast every day. They work hard to keep the space clean. Always doing their best to accommodate everyone! Best experience by far!

Emily at the front counter was lovely and Henri, our scuba instructor, was everything we could have hoped for. Henri was attentive, kind, personable, and held our safety and comfort above all else; he also recommended me the trikes cozumel if we want to see this island. We would recommend this dive shop to anyone and hope to come back again. Merci Mille Fois, Henri!

I went diving with the dive shop associated with Poc Na Hostel, and it was a fantastic experience. All the staff is very kind and welcoming. My dive instructor, Henri, was a ton of fun and excellent at what he does. I was in for a refresh course with Discover Scuba Diving students, and he was very accommodating for all of us.

We did the MUSA dive, as well as the coral reef. Audrey was our dive photographer and took high-quality pictures. We had the chance to see a ton of underwater wildlife – even a turtle during the nonbreeding season around Isla Mujeres. I would highly recommend this dive location to anyone!

I’m staying in this hostel for 1 night, but I had been here many times ago. And I back for everything is really lovely and friendly. And cheap sure. I really like this place. I can say that I love it. Should stay here if you come to Isla Mujeres.

Full Disclaimer: I did not stay here! However, I went to two of the beach parties they had, and they were some of the most fun parties I have ever been to into my entire life. Many magical memories that I will keep with me for a long time!

Had an excellent time with the divers, they are very courteous and professional. Very knowledgeable about all their dive sites. Fantastic rates and very memorable experience. Great crew, I totally recommend only going with these guys they are the best. Awesome stay.