An actual apartment, with a separate bedroom, kitchen, laundry, sitting area, excellent A/C, and a small balcony facing the sea, is immeasurably better than any hotel room at several times this price. I have also stayed around the world in AirBnB apartments, but real people’s apartments have lots of quirks, every time.

The location is a spectacular base, ten minutes from the airport. Taxis on the street, we’re north with Mexican locals – they recommended me someĀ cozumel reef restoration project tours near the hotel. Cozumel is hot and sticky; do not underestimate the effort required in walking half an hour from an alternative hotel to stage oneself at this base.

Cozumel is a great value (much more affordable than, say, the tropical paradise of St. Lucia) because the only real reason to be here is the fantastic water, a steady current between the island and the mainland.

There are no real beaches on Cozumel, the movie “Against All Odds” notwithstanding. For 100 to 200 pesos cab fare one can travel south to constructed beaches set up like a Mexican Disneyland, then walk to truly isolated beaches if one is persistent. Anywhere the coral is fierce; one might spend hours digging a splinter from one’s foot. Bring or buy water shoes. Then, one can swim right from the front gate of these apartments. A half-hour walks north along the shore; one finds rocks from which local Mexican families float, in the best water on the island.

The area of food is excellent. I ate everything with no consequences, until I thoughtlessly had a snack at the airport itself, which arrived by courier from an unseen kitchen, and had the expected Mexican result. Eat before you leave.

Can’t ask for more. They even allowed me a late checkout. Very clean. AC all over the place. Proper attention all the time. The restaurant is just under and serves delicious food. Amazing view!

This has been a beautifully convenient location to walk to everything. The room is beautiful, and mine was in turquoise/green colors. The restaurant below has a lovely ambiance, superb service of Humberto, Felipe, Carina, and others. I came here to relax and “get away from it all,” and now I do not want to leave! Nery has provided friendly and perfect keeping of my room. Thank you, Everyone!